A New Trend Of Buying Modern Shark Teeth

We all are familiar with the movies The Meg, Jaws, Deep blue and many other documentaries which show the nature of this fierce animal has a great impact on our lives and minds. A unique hobby is the collection of modern shark teeth by the collectors this is the new trend adopted by the people. Fossil tooth is a bit expensive but is resourced by legal ways so I prefer buying these fossil ones. As the demand is increasing day by day people are getting involved in illegal ways to harvest the tooth by killing the animal and earning money which is a not a good sign because too much killing could get the species instinct. Many people are demanding them more as a new fashion trend and symbol of bravery.

  • Increasing demand by people for jewelry

The increased demand by people who like to wear modern shark teeth like a piece of jewelry is increasing day by day in the youngsters as a new trend. Many websites are earning millions of dollars by selling them online to customers. And because of increased demand, the sellers are resourcing the tooth from illegal ways by killing of the animal they have a flourishing business by selling the jewelry pieces to the customers. To save the species we have to stop this brutal act because what can a tooth bring to your life but from where and by what means its resourced matters the most.

  • Jaw cleaning is done by experts to preserve the masterpiece

Many experts in Australia are doing shark jaw restoration for keeping them at the museum or as antique pieces. Because this is a legal work new generation is showing interest to study further information about the predator. Clean a jaw is a place where some Australians who are interested in preservation or restoration of the jaw go there and get the work done by the professional’s modern shark teeth are also restored to original condition by using many techniques and application of certain chemicals and polishes.

  • How to identify fake and real tooth

This hobby is increasing with time so many people don’t even know what they are buying is real or a fake one. Because such a large number of sellers are available in the market no one even knows that it’s authentic or not.  When you want to buy modern shark teeth do keep in mind that firstly it is cold to touch and the colour has a certain opaqueness and a slight mixture of shades it is uneven from sides whereas a fake tooth is normal in touch and has an extra white look because it is made with false chemicals and coatings and the difference of price also predicts of authentication.